The Stigma: Chapter 3

By the mid 90’s, Tooth and Nail Records had moved from Southern California to Seattle, where they were confronted with a scene that was not exactly welcoming to Christian rock, but the influence of that scene would play a role in Brandon’s strategy to embrace and seek artists that could be credible in the mainstream world and place them alongside others that could have mass appeal in the Christian market.

This episode explores the difficulty navigating being an artist while having to wrestle with Christianity, credibility, commerce, and the conflicting expectations of fans, parents, record labels, and the non-Christian bands that you think of as peers.

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Songs You Heard in this Episode:

Stavesacre "Against the Silence"
Pedro the Lion "Almost There"
Roadside Monument "Sperm Ridden Burden"
The Blamed "Walkabout"
Focused "Hurts to Ask"
Azusa "Interstellar Island"
Focused "Dead Sky"
Luxury "Bitter Once Again"
The Blamed "Feeding the Ignorant"
Frodus "Revolution"
Demon Hunter "Through the Black"