Cory Brandan, Band Dude For Life: Chapter 18

This isn't a Norma Jean episode per se, because of Norma Jean’s legend and significance in the heavy music scene. Solid State and Tooth & Nail history is much too large to begin to cover in an episode, so we will cover it from a variety of angles over time. But as far as Norma Jean goes, Cory Brandan is certainly a very central figure, and his career in this scene intersects multiple important bands and he is one of the very few individuals that has been able to find a way to thrive (although sometimes merely survive) and contribute for 20 years. Cory has been able to find or create paths when it seemed that none existed. What's even more hard to imagine is that Cory stayed focused on creating music and found his way despite the fact that by 1994 at the age of 18 he had already had his first child. I talked to Cory about his journey and mindset beginning with his first band Eso Charis, his connection to Living Sacrifice, and how he eventually became the leader of the almighty Norma Jean.

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