Labeled Special: August Burns Red Constellations 10 Year Anniversary

August Burns Red is one of the Labeled listeners' favorite Tooth and Nail/Solid State bands, and statistically, that's not surprising. They have sold, get this, over 2 million records. It would be no understatement to say they are one of the most successful acts that ever came out of this scene. So to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the landmark album Constellations, I thought it would be great to see how they got into the Tooth and Nail culture in the first place, and connect the dots from the tiny house shows and basements that laid the groundwork and infrastructure that August Burns Red would step into and take to a whole new level.  I got to chat with guitarist JB Brubaker and drummer Matt Greiner the other day and had a great time. I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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